About Us

Our core team combines biopharma science, BD&L and business process,ย biopharma data/analytics leadership, and tech startup experience.

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Mark Gordon

Founder and CEO

20 years experience helping biotech and pharma companies apply data, analytics and technology in R&D and BD&L

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Jason Kralic


PhD Neuroscientist with 16 years BD&L experience in industry, startups and academia

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Dan Mytelka

Head of Methodology

PhD in Genetics / Biochemistry, MBA in Finance, 18 years with Lilly

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Ted Benson

Head of Operations

20 years of experience in biotech & biopharma: drove scientific and business results

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John Kenan

Project Management

20 years leading projects in Marketing and IT

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Mike Gogis

Fractional CFO

Certified Public Accountant serving various companies as strategic CFO

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Mike Dombeck


Chief Operating Officer, Arcellx, Clinical-Stage adaptable and controllable cell therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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June Almenoff


MD/PhD/FACP. Holds C-Level Executive Roles including various advisory, consulting and board positions with biotech, biopharma and clinical-stage therapeutics.

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Connie Pobanz

Executive Assistant

Small business owner, 10 years

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Carrie Leonard

Marketing Advisor

CMO/CRO advising early stage and Fortune 500 companies in life sciences and technology verticals