The Diviner Method


Bring Your Team

Are you going to make a decision based solely on the views of an outside partner? Probably not. Your people are critical. We start there, learning your challenges, and briefing your team on the research-backed techniques that enable the best insights and the most accurate predictions.


Add Diverse Industry Experts

A critical mix of expertise drives better insights and stronger risk assessment. We screen for forecasting ability, strength of expertise and diversity of education and experiences. Your experts and ours form a Diviner Team.


Brief the Team

We apply our deep expertise in drug development and the data sets that track the industry R&D pipeline, using them to prepare the materials to arm Diviner teams with the data they need to assess your opportunity.


Discuss. Debate.

Brilliant insight comes when you bring together multiple perspectives, but only if you know how to avoid conflict, “the loudest voice in the room” and groupthink. What collaboration techniques improve their insight. We know how to do this.



Once a team has been briefed on a problem and has collaborated to explore it, there are several ways to channel that team’s views to a single assessment, recommendation or forecast. We apply the technique that fits your situation.