Currently Forecasting

CompanyDrugTrial Result 
*AnaptysBio (ANAB)Imsidolimab for DermatologyPhase II GALLOP
*Sage (SAGE) / BiogenSAGE-217 for Major Depressive DisorderPhase III WATERFALL
*Imara (IMRA) / LundbeckIMR-687 for Sickle Cell AnemiaPhase IIb Ardent
*Vertex (VRTX)VX-147 for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Phase II
*Xenon (XENE)XEN1101 for Partial Seizures (Epilepsy)Phase IIb - X-TOLE
*SpringWorks (SWTX)Nirogacestat for Desmoid Tumors/Aggressive FibromatosisPhase III - DeFi
*Sanofi (SNY) (Principia)Rilzabrutinib (PRN1008) for Pemphigus VulgarisPhase III PEGASUS
*Galera (GRTX)Avasopasem (GC4419) for MucositisPhase III ROMAN
*Summit Therapeutics (SMMT)/ EurofarmaRidinilazole for CDAD/CDIPhase III Ri-CoDIFy 1 and 2
*AppellisPegcetacoplan for Dry AMD / Geographic AtrophyPhase III DERBY
Karyopharm TherapeuticsXpovioPhase III SIENDO
Allakos Inc.AK002Phase II/III KRYPTOS
ImmunoGenMirvetuximabPhase III SORAYA
ObsEva SALinzagolixPhase III EDELWEISS
Ayala PharmaceuticalsAL101Phase II TENACITY
Biohaven PharmaceuticalTroriluzolePhase III SARA
AbbVieCariprazinePhase III in MDD (2 Trials)
ACADIA PharmaceuticalsTrofinetidePhase III LAVENDER
Bristol-Myers Squibb/RegenacyRicolinostatPhase II
AegleaPegzilarginasePhase III PEACE
NovartisSecukinumabPhase III SUNSHINE/SUNRISEIL-17
CortexymeCOR288Phase II/III GAINLysine Gingipain (Protease)
Anavex Life Sciences Corp.ANAVEX 2-73Phase II/III AVATARSigma-1 and muscarinic receptors
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.TonmyaPhase III RALLYSerotonin-2A (5-HT2A) receptor, Alpha-1-adrenergic receptor, Histamine-1 receptor
Angion BiomedicaANG-3777Phase III GIFTHepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor
Stealth BioTherapeutics Inc.Elamipretide (Systemic Delivery)Phase II RECLAIM-2Cardiolipin

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On June 30th, Diviner and Molecular Health unveiled their predictions for the results of the trials shown with an asterisk. Watch the recording of the event.