The science of forecasting is real

Diviner is applying it to drug development

The Goal

  • Find hidden gems in thousands of potential therapies 
  • Quantify the risks in drug development
  • Attract more sources of capital to the most-promising therapies

So the industry can bring better medicines to humanity.

The Problem

Biotech investors struggle to prioritize investments, with sky-high risks:  95% of new drugs fail in clinical trials. This low efficiency wastes resources and keeps risk-averse capital on the sidelines, where it doesn’t enable medical innovation.

Why does this happen?

Because pharma forecasting and risk-assessment techniques have changed little for decades.  They are inefficient, inaccurate, and subject to many types of cognitive biases.

Our Solution

Human-centered forecasting science has advanced rapidly. It focuses the wisdom of crowds in structured, collaborative processes which are proven to minimize cognitive bias. This new science has been proven to be highly effective at predicting outcomes ranging from geopolitical events to the spread of COVID.


June 30th from 11 - Noon EST
On June 30, we participated in a unique challenge: To pit the forecasters in our network against an AI to predict clinical trial outcomes

DIVINER is applying forecasting science and developing the world’s premier network of biopharma experts, physicians and scientists — to forecast clinical trial outcomes and their impact on biotech stocks. 

So the industry can bring better medicines to humanity.

Do you want to be the next member of the Diviner Forecaster Network?

It’s an opportunity to learn about new clinical trials, analyze them, and contribute to the collective wisdom shaping forecasts. 
It’s an intellectual adventure to engage with leading experts worldwide and join a movement to improve the world of drug development.
It’s a chance to share in our upside.

And to help the industry bring better medicines to humanity.

How can I become a member of the Diviner Forecaster Network?

What is Diviner?
Mark Gordon, CEO/Founder


Want to speak with our Core Team about how to join a promising, disruptive, innovative biotech start-up as an expert forecaster, or are intrigued by how all of this works and want to know more, please contact us.